Competition Isn't Everything

It seems like competitors get all the recognition and fame for stepping on the mat and fighting for a medal, more power to them, but we are here to let you know it’s okay to not compete. We want to remind you that you are no less than your fellow competitors. You don’t lose stripes for not competing. We get it, life happens. Sometimes competitions are out of the budget. Sometimes other priorities take precedence. Sometimes work can be demanding. We also get that competing in Jiu Jitsu isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally ok. We all started training Jiu Jitsu for a reason and it’s important not to lose sight of that.

If competing isn’t your thing BUT supporting your teammates is, we got a few ways that you can show up and support. Everyone’s competition experience is unique, but your support is PRICELESS.  


Go Watch Them Compete

Plan a day to go watch your teammate battle it out. Rock your academy T-shirt and head over to the arena. Having someone in your corner feels great. Be prepared since most competitions can take an entire day. Your teammate will be most appreciative of your support. 


Share Their Wins On Social Media

This is an amazing opportunity to not only share the Jiu Jitsu gospel to the non-believers, but also express your excitement for your teammates wins.


Get Your Roll On

A great way to support your teammate who competes is by helping them prepare for competitions. Helping them practice drills, techniques, or working on getting out of bad positions, are all ways that directly translate to their performance on the mats.


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