Recovery Tips for Jiu Jitsu Athletes

Nutrition Recovery Tips

Jiu Jitsu can be an intense sport, which is why recovery is so important. Recovery after hard practices is critical for injury prevention and regaining energy to get back on the mats the next day. Set yourself up for success to avoid injury or exhaustion. We interviewed an Athletic Trainer and MMA fighter to get the best Jiu Jitsu recovery tips. The 3 recovery tips for Jiu Jitsu athletes are: hydration, nutrition, and rest.



First and foremost will always be hydration. Proper water intake starts hours before you get on the mats. Ensure you have adequate water intake before practice begins. If you're doing a rigorous training session, take sips of water in between rolls when you feel the need to do so. Once completing practice, be sure to rehydrate, this time with necessary electrolytes. These can be found in different waters and sports drinks.



Nutrition recovery is important to refuel the body with the energy sources to feel strong and satiated. When picking a post workout meal, includes 2 major categories of macronutrients, carbohydrates and protein. The carbs are essential to refuel the energy stores and the protein is essential for cell repair and body maintenance. A protein shake with fruits, peanut butter and milk is my personal favorite.



Last and often the most overlooked aspect of recovery is rest. Rest looks different to everybody, but simply this is time to let the heart rate slow and the body go into repair mode. If your brain is still running 100 mph and stressed, the body follows. Take time for a salt bath, a meditation session, or a few minutes to sit outside and enjoy being. Even just an intentional 15 minute rest period can have noticeable benefits in your body.


Practicing Jiu Jitsu is a form of self care to connect, mobilize the body and mind. Continue these efforts of self care after training to maximize your recovery and feel strong and healthy.

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