The Mayan Princess Warrior

It is so inspiring to see a new era of young female Jiujiteiras and we are so excited to announce our sponsorship of Apolonia "Mayan Princess" Nuncio! Coming in hot from San Antonio, Texas, Apolonia has her eyes set on ADCC. 

Apolonia started training at the age of 6 where she first found her passion for Jiu Jitsu. With her disciplined training regimen and dedication to the sport, she is sure to hit her goal of being crowned ADCC Champion one day. 

Her biggest lesson she's learned from training Jiu Jitsu is how to deal with losing. After her first loss 3 years ago, she learned to never look back and to focus on elevating her game. That's a true champion mindset. 

In competition, even the most elite Jiu Jitsu practitioners are not immune to competition jitters. It's a natural part of the sport. Apolonia's biggest challenge has been the mental part of competition. Lucky for her, she has many years to hone the mastery of mental toughness for competitions. 

With such ambitious goals and plans for the future, we were so excited to ask about her BJJ role models. Apolonia's BJJ role models are Grace Gundrum, Eddie Bravo and Gordon Ryan.

When Apolonia is not taking necks on the mat, she is relaxing and drawing. Her favorite post roll snack is a Hershey's chocolate almond bar and her walkout song of choice is "Anything" by 50 cent. 

You can catch Apolonia's journey and cheer her on in her upcoming competitions F2W and Submission Hunter Pro by following her on Instagram at @apolonianuncio

We are so excited to see the Mayan Princess on her BJJ journey! 

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