Gi Compression Packing Cube

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If you've ever traveled for a Jiu Jitsu competition you know how difficult packing can be, especially when you don't have much space for a gi. We all know that gi's aren't necessarily the most space effective when traveling, and that's a where gi compression packing cube is key to optimizing the space in your suitcase. It allows you to easily store and organize your clothing and fight wear in a way that makes it easy to pack and even easier to unpack. Whether you're traveling to a new gym for a seminar or a Jiu Jitsu competition, a gi compression packing cube is the best way to optimize space when traveling with a gi. Plus it saves your much time and energy in packing. Ain’t no one got time to be worrying about traveling when you've got a competition to focus on.


1. Double zipper pulls make opening/closing simple and fast;  
2. Two way zippers opening for maximum compression;   
3. Mesh top panel for easy identification of contents, and ventilation; 
4. Interior seams fully finished for durability.
5. Soft mesh won't damage delicate fabrics; 
6. Webbing handle for convenience when carried by itself;  
7. A variety of sizes means it can fit in any size daypack, backpack, suitcase and luggage.


3 Gi Compressions Packing Cube Sizes : 
Large (40x35x10 cm/15.7x13.7x3.9 inches );
Medium (35x25x10 cm /13.7x9.8x3.9 inches)
Small (30x20x10 cm /11.8x7.8x3.9 inches)

How to care for your packing cubes:  

1. Hand washing cubes is the best way to ensure the cubes do not get damage ; 
2. Wash only with cold water;  
3.  Hang dry only ; 
4. DO NOT put the cubes in the washing machine, even if it is on gentle or delicate cycle ; 
5. DO NOT put fabric conditioner of any kind.


3pc/set packing cube

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